Previously we defined what self esteem is and what it means to love yourself hopefully it was helpful.

Here are some tips to help improve and maintain your self esteem

1. The most important of them all is to consciously change your perspective to believe that you are good enough, silence the negative thoughts and inner critic in there that’s where it all begins because without this every other effort is wasted.

2. Secondly refocus your thoughts and get motivated. This means instead of dwelling on the hundred and one reasons why your not good enough motivate yourself into doing and achieving greater things when those thoughts get stuck in your head a reply always does the trick it could be a phrase like “stop”,  “don’t  even go there”,  “nope not today” etc. Your replying to reassure yourself that you have it under control and those thoughts don’t get to decide who you are and how you see yourself consistently counter those expressions.

3. Ensure to do a 2-minute self appreciation
This is to help build your self esteem and eventually shake off negative thoughts from your mind you can also go a step further to look yourself in the mirror and say the things you love about yourself.

4. Be focused on taking actions that will bring results and incase you do not meet your target please do not feel sorry for yourself. Be satisfied with your accomplishments at the moment. Don’t get carried away with becoming a perfectionist.

5. Avoid comparison
Your only competition should be yourself.
And when you see things that way you will be OK with the fact that there will always be people ahead of you, that’s just life but your focus should be on your results and how you have improved your results.

6. Change your circle
Choose to spend less time with people who are nervous perfectionists, negative critics, unkind or unsupportive of your dreams or goals.
And spend more time with positive, uplifting  people who have more realistic standards with a positive mindset about things.

7. Be careful what you feed your mind with. 
A large percent of the person we turn out to be is dependent on what we see and listen to channeled through social media, television, radio even magazines etc.
It is safer to filter the information that gets to you to avoid negative thoughts and feeling of uncertainty towards yourself. 

8. Being nice and kinder to people irrespective of who they are always earns you the same respect and when you are appreciated you tend to do more not only that but also you begin to see yourself differently which is a good way to build self esteem.

9. Lastly, handle past failures and mistakes with positivity.  Yes some mistakes can be painful and regretful but train yourself to see it as added advantage because you won’t make such mistake again and this has given room for growth and improvement. Set your mind to do something new don’t dwell on the past its not pretty over there.

Remember you are good enough don’t let anyone tell you less.


I have learnt a thing or two about this subject matter which I’d love to share. It is important to know that everybody wants to feel loved and and appreciated and reciprocate same but you can’t give what you don’t have.

Self esteem is worth you give yourself”.  Also known as self love which is the act of being comfortable in your own skin so much that although you’re aware of your flaws, you still find beauty in it. Its always about you first finding something of value before anyone can see it through your eyes.

Self esteem means
– When you love yourself more, then you won’t drag yourself down or beat yourself up over simple mistakes or over not reaching a perfect standard.

– When you love yourself more you will stop trying to get validation easily from people, neither will you always feel a need to always get their attention.

– When you love yourself you’ll feel more deserving of good things in life.
And so you’ll be motivated to go after them.

– When you love yourself you become a natural giver and as such makes you attractive in any relationship, whether it is with a friend, at work or with a partner.

– When you love yourself you are happy and this is ultimate. And as much as they try nobody can do this for you except you choose to.


Oh well… we could all just agree to go back to how it all was and hope things will remain the same way we knew them to be or we could actually work on ourselves because the truth is making an assumption that every other person is just sitting around gaining extra weight just as you are is as pitiful as it sounds. There’s nothing wrong with adding a few pounds but what happens next? Have you actually taken out time to be deliberate about your actions and maybe do something about you yes! you!.

The minute you walk out that door without any improvement whatsoever, your lost. Only those prepared for the world will do excellently while your left questioning their results and how come. The difference between you and the other person is that he didn’t allow the present circumstance restrict him while you just restrained yourself to the occurrences expecting that it will finally be over someday. Please channel your energy into figuring out what’s next for and to you. One step at a time and your sure to reach your goals but that shouldn’t be an excuse for procrastination. Once your sure of it go for it. Soon all this will end but are you prepared for the world, the competitions, the upgrade and the demands. Can you rise above your present self or are you gonna remain lost.


This is a state of embracing responsibilities, corrections and creating principles based on all round inquisition and facts. Maturity is not a function of age. A matured mind always thinks intensively on the outcome of his reaction to a confrontation or challenge i.e., will my reaction make it worse or better?

Maturity sets in when you accept your mistakes, laugh over them, and learn the lessons that come with it and move on with a better perspective. In the eyes of a wise man; a man who is insulted and refuses to reply but rather smiles at the accuser is matured.

Maturity is the ability to absorb the elements surrounding a situation, keeping your temper under control no matter what, thinking ahead of your confrontation, looking for ways to improve oneself rather than paying attention to rumors about you, not being the reason for a problem, are all instances of maturity.

Keep your mind on your goals, be productive and gradually walk into maturity.